Custom Futsal Uniform in Australia

There’s nothing like wearing the right futsal uniform to represent your team. Uniforms not only help to distinguish your team from the rest; they also signify your unique identity as a group.

Custom futsal uniforms take everything a step further by ensuring every team member’s comfort, allowing you to choose the fabric or material, as well as the fit and design.

With control over your team’s collective identity, every team member can enjoy wearing their distinct custom futsal uniform with pride and dignity. Woven from performance fabrics and cut for a comfortable fit, your teammates can benefit from a free range of movement that will move with their bodies in quick succession.

So, if you’re looking for a quality maker of futsal uniforms in Melbourne, look no further than AKU teamwear. Check out some of our work and get inspired by browsing through our catalogue.

What to look for in a futsal uniform

For the best futsal uniforms in Melbourne, there is no supplier better suited or experienced than AKU’s impressive-looking and feeling range. To design the perfect jersey or futsal uniform set, consider the following:

  • Perfect fit — When every piece fits your players perfectly, they can perform at their best, as there's no need to worry about chafing or the uniform interfering with their movement.

  • Comfortable — Choosing fabrics or material that are moisture-wicking and offers just the right amount of elasticity for comfortable wear and freedom of movement.

  • Durable — You want your custom futsal uniforms to be long-wearing, so they can take everyday wear and tear during training days and competitions.

How to order futsal uniforms

At AKU, we have a simple ordering process if you need futsal uniforms in Melbourne.

  • Decide if you would like to use one of our 10+ pre-designed templates or a fully customised kit

  • Submit your enquiry through the Kit Lab or complete the full customs order form

  • Our team will get in touch to confirm your order

  • Receive your teamwear in 4-5 weeks. Did we mention delivery is free?
Make your mark in a custom futsal uniform in Melbourne from AKU
Ready to represent your team? At AKU, our mission is to unite the extraordinary. Whether it’s uniting on the field or bringing to life the custom futsal uniform you’ve always dreamed of, your crew will be decked out and ready to perform. Need some help designing your uniform? Get in touch with us today — we’re always happy to help. 

Order your futsal uniform at AKU today.


We’ll create a kit that reflects your team identity

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