Custom Dodgeball Uniform & Sportswear Australia

Build your teams personality and identity through your dodgeball uniforms

In dodgeball, uniforms are not just about function but unity and identity. At AKU, we’re more than just a supplier of uniforms — we’re a brand that helps teams create their identities through teamwear. When you wear AKU, you’re part of a collective that never settles for the ordinary.

Look good and feel better on the court

Dodgeball is a high-energy sport that requires quick reflexes and agility — the last thing you want to worry about is your uniform. Keep these in mind to find your best fit:
  • Fit is important — You don't want a baggy uniform that gets in the way. You also don’t need a tight one restricting your breathing or movements.
  • Material — To play at your best, your dodgeball uniform should be made of lightweight and comfortable material that won't weigh you down during your game. Our lite-pro material has been tried and tested on athletes at the highest level, internationally.
  • Design — Dodgeball uniforms are well known for having a teams personality identity well and truly represented. . Bright colours, bold patterns and your personality and values are all essential in making a great custom dodgeball uniform. Be it an extension of your team name or logo, customise all elements of your team with free name and numbers and unlimited prints on you design.

How to order custom dodgeball uniforms from AKU

Looking to up your dodgeball game? Then you're going to need some custom dodgeball uniforms! We offer a template option and a full custom option.

How to start a template order:
  1. Enter the Kit Lab, select a design or check out some of work in our galleryfor ideas. Create your own design by including your colours and logo.
  2. Place your order for a custom jersey design by clicking on "Complete mockup." 
  3. As soon as we get all your names, numbers and sizes, we'll email you to discuss the following steps and finalise the purchase for delivery in 4 weeks.
How to start a full custom order:
  1. Fill out the order form as thoroughly as possible.
  2. Our Head Designer will create a mockup based on your details and collaborate with you to create the ideal design for your team.
  3. As soon as you approve the mockup, we'll print your design and deliver full custom kits to you.
Whether you get a template order or opt for a full custom one, we’ll deliver it to you for free anywhere in Australia.

Create your team's identity today with AKU Teamwear

Custom dodgeball uniforms from AKU can help you look and feel your best on the court. With our easy-to-use online uniform builder, you can have a custom jersey design for your whole team that is both stylish and functional.

If you’re looking for more than just a transaction when shopping for a dodgeball uniform, let us help you create something special. Design your own one of a kind custom dodgeball uniform today and achieve the extraordinary on the court! 


We’ll create a kit that reflects your team identity

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