What We Do

As emphasis grows on living an active lifestyle, AKU moves away from convention and tradition, paving our own path and perspective of street culture, fashion, fitness and lifestyle. In a fitness world ruled by tradition, AKU provides a refreshing and unique alternative for individuals who refused to be swayed by what's popular. There are two entities to AKÜ: 

AKÜ Teamwear creates bespoke, fully customizable jerseys and on court/field team wear with a modern street twist. There are no templates here as our designers work closely with each of our customer’s to create true one off pieces ensuring that each finished piece truly can be worn proudly.

AKÜ Activewear is our refreshing take on street and activewear. We aim to create unique street style active wear that is both functional in the gym and appropriately worn every day on the streets. Do what you love and look good doing it.

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