Custom Teamwear

AKÜ will help you construct the perfect customised Teamwear for your club, regardless of your sport or level. Using the latest in high tech fabric and a superior athletic fit, we'll be sure to create a look that even surpasses professional grade sportswear, with a design that you help create. The basic premise is as follows: 1. Say hi to our team via FB messenger, WhatsApp or 2. Provide your team information, the products required and any designs you'd like to see - you can be as detailed and specific as you like, or even have simple requirements 3. If you’re happy with our quote, the AKÜ team will begin creating your design 4. We provide a mock-up of your new design. At this stage we can discuss finer designs until you’re happy with the result 5. We print off your new Teamwear and deliver it to you, our estimate shipping is at 3 weeks from date of final design Contact us and we'll take care of you every step of the way to create something for Ü! Estimated prices are at $65 per full kit. Shirt, shorts & Socks .

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