I'm no fashion expert, I'm a guy who is fortunate enough to create teamwear for thousands of athletes and teams around the world. I love seeing our kits on people and yes, people can wear their kits how they want. However, I've started to notice that the way a person wears their kit, really says a lot about who they are. Take a look and let me know if you agree...


The Shirt Tucker In-er:

You can go a few ways with the "Tucker In-er". The obvious one here is the old school, no nonsense type of player. They go for function over aesthetic, tuck all the loose bits in and just get the job done with literally no regard for how they look. It's usually the one yelling at teammates for being on their phones during breaks  or the one out to physically break the opponents if it means the team winning the game. There's a fine line not to be mistaken though, because the "Tucker In-er" may also be those who are unfortunate enough to be assigned a kit two sizes too big OR the one who's participating but they hate sport and the only reason that they're there is because they were forced to.

The Really Low Socks: 

Did I miss a trend here? I mean, I just don't get it for football or futsal and can only assume the people who wear this are natural rebels who refuse to conform, regardless of how non functional it is. I've literally seen people's shinpads fall out during a game, only for them to pick them up, put them back on and and ROLL THE SOCK BACK DOWN?! Are they meant to look good or is the elastic worn out? Please, somebody comment and send me a message to explain it to me. I'll hook you up with some AKU socks so they stay up if need be (you can check them out here I promise you'll love them (link). 


The Really High Socks:

Alright, i'm just going to put it out there. If you're pulling your socks all the way up to your thigh, you either have a BDSM thing where you enjoy the feeling of strangulation around your body parts or you're insecure about bruises you received whilst falling over out at the clubs on the weekend. 


The "Skins" Underneath Everything: 

I've always wondered why compressions are worn by athletes indoors. I'm sure there's potentially a legitimate scientific reason which supports some miniscule enhancement in performance but I've always assumed that if you're wearing it to keep warm, you're probably not working or running hard enough. (Side note - we offer long sleeves so make sure you ask the girls in our service team for your next order).


The Unecessary Headband:

Ladies and men with long hair, I get it, this one's not for you. HOWEVER, I've seen a guy with a short back and sides crew cut sporting a fluoro headband in a game before. Please explain? I can only assume that people feel they need this to distract people from your game. If you're rocking anything shorter than an asian bowl cut (Google it, its acutally a thing I had in my pre teens), then maybe sit this one out for those who actually need it. 


In short, it actually really doesn't matter what I think or how you wear your uniform, as long as you represent it and wear it with pride! If you want to create your identity via a uniform that represents you, head over to our teamwear section and see how we can help you!