A blessing and a curse we have at AKU is our ability to create uniquely custom teamwear design artworks. It's a blessing because we get to bring a team’s vision to life through their teamwear and more often than not, have hand drawn art pieces on a jersey for teams that truly represent who they are. It can sometimes be a curse because of the intricacies and level of design work required by our professional graphic designers to get it right for clubs.

When a Full Custom design comes through, depending on the request, our design team, led by Head Designer Kui, will assess the information provided at hand and at times freehand the artwork to the jersey, be it intricate flowers or drawing an animal from scratch. The artwork is then carefully balanced amongst other elements on a jersey to make sure the overall look of the shirt works to make sure that what looks good on the 2D design also looks wearable and good on a human being in real life.

A scenario we face pretty often is:

"Hey AKU, we want a dragon on our jersey"

Designer hand draws a dragon on a jersey

"Oh, no, we don't really want a dragon anymore, how about a tiger?"

Unlike many of our competitors, in the interest of making our teamwear accessible to all, and to ensure that every team can get a jersey they love, we charge no design fees and allow 2 minor iterations to our design based on the information and inspiration that’s provided.

To ensure we can get as close to the design vision you have, and to avoid any major iteration fees, here are some helpful hints to make sure you get the Full Custom teamwear design you love right from the start:

  • Nobody knows your teams story better than you, so to help us understand it, send us as much information and detail as possible. Use reference images, kits you like, graphics that you want to emulate. 

  • If you're trying to figure out what colour fits best with each other, feel free to play around with colour combinations that you think might work via our kitlab to see which works best before submitting the design. 

  • If you have patterns or images that you want on your uniform, send through any vector files or images in high quality so we can add them to your shirt. 

  • Be as specific as possible if you know what you're after so our designers can get it right for you the first time and reduce the end to end design process.