Every kit has a story and we caught up with Jenne Tran to learnt the story behind the team and their kit...

How did the team get together and when?
JT: We all play against and with each other back in Adelaide, with many our us representing the State Serpents teams in previous international and interstate tournaments dating back from 2018. However, as growing players, we crave higher standard of competition consistently offered by Victorian Dodgeball League (around long before the infancy of Adelaide Dodgeball). We strive for the best, so we combined our best talents to head over for a rumble in the jungle.

What do you and the team love about playing dodgeball?
JT: Its explosiveness and ability for anyone to play. In principle it is easy, however it relies heaps on reflexes, instincts and to some extent being an extreme strategist. Dodgeball is a sport challenging for both the body and the mind.

Why did you choose the Serpent as a mascot ?
JT: Serpents are a good embodiment of our team spirit and attitude. Very chill and happy in the sun but can strike with precision and speed if someone comes too close. Step into the snake pit, get ready to get bit ssssss. Don’t trust us.

What's the story behind the kit?
JT: A bunch of kids who want to look cool haha. But in all seriousness, the kit highlights how proud we are to represent our state. Especially our colour choices of black, grey, red are iconic of South Australia.

Why do you think a uniform is important for a team?
JT: A uniform is important, it gives you a sense of pride and unity both off and on court. Putting on a team uniform is the first step of setting a good mindset for game day and reminds us we can put trust in every team member to play their part on court. As a team we strike first and strike hard.