Smell's a bit like new kit season doesn't it? The new kit releases of the worlds biggest footballing clubs creates a bit of buzz, discussion and debate amongs the AKU team here and who better than our Head Designer Kui Mu (@kuirochamu) to talk us through his top 10 new kit drops. 

10. Valencia Away (La Liga)
"I love a good clean, classy orange kit. It's simple but the pattern is unique and reminds me of an old school dutch kit."

9. Atletico Madrid Home (La Liga)
"Love the vintage look and feel of this, from the collar to the use of the clubs traditional stripes"

8. Bayern Munich Away (Bundesliga)
"Another great example of a growing trend of clean and simple with nice finishes and details this year. The orange contrast on the white takes the kit up to another level."


7. PSG Away (Ligue 1)
"Similar feeling and vibes to the Atleti kit. A clean kit with a vintage feel and the simplicity of the colours and design makes this a well rounded kit"


6. FC Porto Third (Primeira Liga)
"Fresh! So basic but the simplicity is what makes it great" 

5. Barcelona Home (La Liga)
"Is it any surprise that the Barca kit is in here? So good to have the stripes back!"

4. Inter Milan Home (Serie A)
"Nice and different take on stripes with the zig zag. Inter have been stepping up their kits in recent years."

3. Arsenal Home (Premier League)
"Love the pattern on this kit. Arsenal have done a great job pulling off street vibes on their latest kits". 

2. Barcelona Away (La Liga)
"Black and gold. Iconic combo for an iconic club." 

1. Ajax Away (Eredivisie)
"Awesome pattern, loud and bold but everything about it works and comes together really well". 


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