Get the lowdown on The Dodgeball Kit Collector, an instagrammer sharing his love of the game and amazing kits from across the globe.


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Thanks for your time, so to kick off, how did you discover dodgeball? 

AA: Through my flat mate at the time. He invited me to a Granite City Guerrillas sessions in Aberdeen. I hated my first session but went back and have been playing ever since!

How would your summarise your playing style in 3 words.

AA: Aggressive , Tactical , Fast

What do you love about the sport?

AA: The sport is fun and fast! Plus the community behind the sport is incredible. 

So what's the story behind your dodgeball kit collection?

AA: It’s a bit of an accident really and I’m not quite sure how it’s snowballed to this 😂. I used to play dodgeball with Joe Johnstone (@theglobalobsession) he collects football shirts from every nation and I was intrigued by all his different shirts at training. Most of which came  from countries I’d never heard of before! As my collection grew I slowly added different nations and wondered if something similar to Joe’s could be achieved getting a shirt from every country. It wasn’t until I had a substantial collection that I thought about creating the Instagram account to show them off.

Do you remember the first kit you collected which wasn't your own? 















AA: I believe the first kit I collected is my 2016 Malaysian home jersey by Ozz Vampo. Released for the 2016 WDA World Cup in Manchester, as soon as I saw it I wanted to get one! The tiger stripes, the bright yellow and the mystery around the team all had me hooked.  

Looking at most dodgeball kits, compared to football or other sports, the look and aesthetic is totally different, some would say alot more fun, why do you think that is?

AA: I think this has a lot to do with the type of people that are attracted to the sport. It’s a bit of an underground sport and in my experience attracts a lot of creative people. This creativity tends to trickle into the kit design with teams trying to really push the envelope.

What do you think makes a good kit?

AA: A strong theme or concept. If you go simple everything should well considered. If you go bold you need to really push the boundaries! 

Working with alot of dodgeball teams, the community seems really tightknit. Why do you think that's the case?

AA: A shared passion to grow the sport! Everyone seems to have the same goal and I think it brings us together. 

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