So you've just launched a brand, won your first "deal" with Victoria's biggest Futsal organisation and need to pull together content for a make or break social media marketing release for the brand? This was our dilemma not too long after we launched in 2017.  

Alot of people talk to me about how impressed they are by AKU's content and the photos, videos and stories we put out. I'm not going to lie, it's something i'm pretty proud of too. These days we have a cross skilled team, who apart from their main AKU roles, are also multiskilled in design, lead by our Head of Design Kui (@kuirochamu). Our photos and video's are carefully curated by Lawrence (@lawrence.loque) with all of these then feeding into a detailed content management plan led by some some high skilled digital analysts and marketing gurus which you will no doubt meet in upcoming blogs (but check our about us section if you can't wait). 

It wasn't always this easy though. Our first photo shoot was something else. It's hard not to reminisce and think back to that time, where it was Kui, myself and our old and amazing street photograher (check Sok out here) and a borrow tripod and camera. Our plan was scribbled notes on crumpled paper kept in Kui's pocket and the poses and inspiration for the shoot was from frantic last minute "poses for soccer uniform" google searches and scrolling through the #kitconcept and #jerseydesign hastags on Instagram. From memory, the shoot, including video lasted about 3 to 4 hours and we were all so exhausted and hungry afterwards that I remember buying 50 chicken wings which we polished off within minutes after. 

Looking back, everything about this shoot is timeless and why i'm so proud of the work that we continue to put out. From the kit, the images, the style. It would be believable if I had said these photos were taken just last week and not over 3 and a half years ago. We turned this kit design into our ZIZOU template and it continues to be one of our best sellers today.

It really just goes to show, when people ask me what it takes to start a brand, that at the crux of it all, a bit of creativity, smart google searches and the right team can take you a long long way.