When discussion arises around some of the top strikers of all time, it would be remiss not to have Didier Drogba’s name thrown in conversation. Whilst he may never feature at the top, or maybe even in the top 5, the Ivory Coast powerhouse was unplayable on his day. A rare combination of strength, speed and guile, the man was equally brilliant in the air as he was with his back towards goal endearing him to fans wherever he played finding the back of the net over 250 times in his career.

 As a United fan, it was always nerve wracking staying up late when playing Chelsea and seeing this man mountain in the line up. Fortunately for me, he never did well against us and would only go on to score 3 goals over 19 games. I’ll never forget the slap on Vidic in the champions league final which I think played a part in us winning it in penalties eventually and I also enjoy giving it to my Arsenal mates (unfortunately I have a few) in reminding them that they suck, and secondly, at the time Drogba would always have a field day against them eventuating in 13 goals by the time his career ended.

 At the crux of it, Drogba was always a simple player who was well versed in everything. He never had the tricks or acrobatics or flair of some of his peers but sometimes greatness is born in the basics done excellently. And so what better way to honour our clean and simple template with its namesake Drogba…

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