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About 5 years ago, Khai and I were sitting on my couch playing FIFA 13, arguing about who was worse at the game and talk soon turned to getting new uniforms for our futsal team “Five Best Friends”. Options were limited at the time and it was bloody hard to get access to something we were happy with. Ominously, we joked “it’ll probably just be easier if we did it ourselves”, not knowing the impact those words would have on our lives only 4 years on. You see, coming from Asia, custom teamwear is just a part of every day life. The third question usually asked when setting a new team up in Singapore after who’s on the team and where we playing is what are we wearing? I grew up in Australia, where it’s commonplace to just say “just wear red…” and all the players rock up to the game in a mash of United, Liverpool and Bayern kits, or the team would go to Dandenong market and buy matching replica soccer tops and get numbers printed on the back for an extra $5.99.

This is the perception AKU is trying to change in Australia, by making premium custom teamwear accessible and simple, giving everyday people the ability to play in the colours and design of their choice, with their own name and number on the back. The experience we try to provide for our customers is similar to that of getting a tailored suit, fully customisable choices from fit, cut and design to our diverse colour palette ranging over 100 options. There’s nothing off the rack and every piece is hand designed and hand stitched with the hope that the final product is something our end customer is proud to wear, even if its only for 40 minutes a week. 

Our mission is to inspire greatness by making innovative, modern teamwear accessible to the everyday athlete.

Ruz - Founder and Average Joe Athlete 


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