Blog 4.0 Year One


Walking in to Futsal Oz on a Friday night, there’s a surreal feeling walking through the centre, passing through the sea of custom AKU techfleece tracksuits, 12 to 16 year old’s battling it out on all 3 side courts, SES referee’s in AKU uniforms, and the elite futsal teams battling it out in the main grandstand in their on and offcourt AKU gear. A year ago, none of this existed and “AKU” was just a concept of a logo written on a Starbucks handkerchief by a few friends with big dreams. That dream was to make great quality, custom designed teamwear affordable and accessible to everyone. It’s a commonplace concept in Asia where every social team has their own custom kit, so there should be no reason we couldn’t do it, and do it better back home in Melbourne.

Year one wasn’t easy. From setting up our own manufacturing and hand picking our materials to the initial mistakes and failed orders we made, we’ve come up stronger, worked with hundreds of teams and moving into the FFV outdoor market. Our first ever order was an order for 6 custom kits which we spent multiple sleepless nights stressing over and this month, over a year on, we’re on the verge of fulfilling an order of 200 kits, tracksuits and polo’s effortlessly and without a hitch through our well established processes, always putting the customer experience and integrity of our product first.

Never Settle. Watch out Year Two…

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