Singapore! Welcome to the land of Super quick MRTs, delicious chilli crabs, countless malls and the home of under the flat pick up soccer. The popular jump-off point for the rest of Asia is always a welcome change of pace, and not just because a few AKU team members are from here. We are also excited to bring some of the Singapore style back home to Melbourne. 
From young to old, as physical exercise is mandate from primary school with this culture developing to countless senior citizens doing sit-ups in mini outdoor gyms under the HDBs.
So what is it about Singapore style that we can bring back here? Just take a break at a busy hawker centre for some nasi ayam and you'll see. Everyone uses custom attire.
You can bet that even for a weekday kick around with mates- boots for goal posts, Marina Bay Sands glistening in the backdrop, 6-a-side winner stays on - you can be sure that each of these guys or girls are wearing a fully custom-designed top, with name and number on the back.  We don't speak for everyone but we're a little tired of entering Melbourne sports halls and seeing it full of team outfits like Real Madrid or Liverpool and teams with a mismatched array of black tops. It looks like the Singaporeans were too!
When some of us made the move to Australia it was bloody impossible to make a decent kit for a good price. The ever popular but often paltry Dandenong Market was usually where you'd find us buying our Nike tick-less Brazil jersey. The disappointment resonated with us to this day and seeing how well and vibrant it works here in Singapore, we aim to be an accessible and viable platform for both elite and social teams to find their own identity. 
From the guys and gals playing at Division 5 at Albert Park to the teams playing National Premier League, we believe everyone deserves to have a kit that represents them. Sure the satay and nasi biryani are literally to die for here, but the mandatory pit stop in Singapore is also a great place to get an appreciation of sports culture.