There's a surreal feeling when we take a step back and truly appreciate the short yet eloquent journey AKU has taken in its mere 5 month's existence. What started as a general discussion over the monotony of the team and sportswear amongst a group of friends in a café on the side of alleys of Melbourne sparked the creation of a brand with a purpose to help and inspire individuals, teams and the community to be the best version of themselves. We want to be more than just clothing, and aim for AKU to represent a movement and a platform for individuals to uniquely be the best version of themselves.

Amongst the chaos, we seek to build relationships and a sense of the community, inviting and welcoming anyone on board as we try to establish who we are and build the narrative of our brand. We look to share our raw journey with anyone and everyone, giving an insight as we create our path, from the highs of the partnerships we have formed with teams, individuals and brands to the ongoing quest of building the perfect product and finding the right manufacturer.

We, the young team at AKU, seeks to connect with like-minded individuals, whether you're a division B mixed futsal player to a national level elite athlete, or even if you're just curious about the story and progress of  group of young entrepreneurs trying to inspire change, hop and board and follow our story in our series of upcoming blogs. 

First up, in our never-ending search for the perfect team wear product, follow a few of us at AKU as we travel to Asia to work closer with our manufacturers and build on the base team wear product we currently offer.