The upcoming World Dodgeball Championships happening at the end of this month in Edmonton Canada, will see 6 Australian National teams being kitted up in an iconic green & gold by AKU.




We caught up with General Manager of the National Team, Rosie Everett to get her views on the national team hopes at the upcoming championships. 

Hey Rosie, we're really looking forward to seeing Australia at the World Championships, can you give us outsiders a little view on the playing group selected?

The ADF has achieved the impossible of scouting and training 64 excellent athletes across two disciplines of the sport in the last 6 months. We have also achieved history with record numbers of athletes who reside across the country coming together to create 6 incredible teams for this year's World Championships. Our team composition is 12 from NSW, 13 from SA, 1 from TAS, 32 from VIC and 2 from WA, in what feels like a true representation of talent across the nation.

I would like to mention the hardwork put in by all of our coaches, and especially our head coaches Scott Dent and Devrim Van Dijk, who have made hard decisions in forming these teams. It's no secret that this year (as seen at the Australian Dodgeball Championships) that 
Australia really has taken it's next step in elite growth, and each year it's becoming harder and harder to make final selections for these teams.

WIth such a great competitive squad, what are you hoping for the teams to achieve at the Championships? 

We have high hopes to medal in all 6 divisions at the 2022 World Championships, and I am also personally invested in achieving Gold for Australia by supporting my athletes to be the best they can be.

The ADF has had alot of valuable input in the jerseys for the Championships. Any thoughts on the final product? 

I absolutely loved collaborating with AKU this year. To work closely with Ruz, through the process and collaborate for this World series has been amazing. The triangle pattern to me resembles the strength and unity of our teams, and represents the teams across their disciplines (Men's, Women's and Mixed). I hope the rest of the nation enjoys this series as much as I do.

Thanks and best of luck to the athletes and staff! We'll be cheering you on from home!