AKU Australia and the Australian Dodgeball Federation announce a partnership in readiness for the 2022 World Championships.

After being ingrained into the Victorian Dodgeball scene, Melbourne born AKU is proud to announce a partnership with the Australian Dodgeball Federation as the official apparel supplier that will see benefits for affiliated clubs, investment into the overall growth of the sport and the AKU logo worn by the Australian Dodgeball team.

A chance meeting to discuss teamwear opportunities for Victorian Dodgeball Team, the St Albans Samurais in 2019, has steadily evolved into working with 75% of Victorian Dodgeball League teams, Victorian Dodgeball events, the first sponsored AKU Dodgeball Athlete to now culminating in a partnership with the Australian Dodgeball Federation. 

Speaking of the partnership, Jaslyn Goette, President of the Australian Dodgeball Federation says “We wanted to partner up with a like-minded company that shared our values around community, fun & growth. AKU is all this and more! It’s been such a pleasure to work and collaborate with the AKU Team and we’re super excited to continue our journey together, side-by-side”. 

Community and growth was a key driver of the partnership, with AKU's director Ruz Roslan saying "Unlike few other sports we've worked with, it was a strong connection with the sense of community amongst its athletes that my team and I loved. Off the court, rivalries were put aside and you had a community which only cared about the growth of each other and more importantly the growth of the game and we all unanimously wanted to be a part of that." 

After a global pandemic impacted year and with the 2022 World Championships in Canada on the horizon, AKU is looking to work with the federation on the national teams campaign, with a series of fundraising merchandise over the year, as well as ensuring the national teams look and feel good on and off the court. 

The partnership will also see all affiliated ADF clubs across Australia recieve a subsidised cost on their teamwear requirements.